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Saturday, June 27, 2009


The sun has finally made an appearance! We had some sun yesterday, and today has been just beautiful. My petunias, which had been starving for sun, are finally blooming again, and the garter snakes are sunning themselves on the rocks. I also saw a rabbit in the yard a little while ago. And I think maybe the robin eggs have hatched. At least, mama isn't sitting there all the time anymore.
The solstice has come and gone, though it's hard to tell from the weather, but maybe summer really is here now. Of course, it is all a progression, isn't it - it's not as though it is spring for 3 months, then summer for 3 months, etc. Of course, I'm in southern New England, so we have five or six months of winter, and two or three months of summer - if we are lucky. But I've always liked spring and fall best, with the comings and goings, the growings and passings. I never get tired of watching what is going on in those two transition seasons - in summer I get tired of hot weather (sometimes) and in winter I get tired of cold (sometimes), but in spring and fall there is always something new to see. And you never quite know what Mother Nature will throw at you, weatherwise. It is always an unfolding story, and so far we don't know the ending - I'm not sure we even know the plot, yet.

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