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Monday, June 1, 2009

butterflies and yellow flowers

Walking through a nearby meadow recently, I discovered I was surrounded by dozens, probably hundreds, of butterflies. They were small and brown, and moving quickly, so it was hard to get pictures, but I tried hard.
Most of them were little wood satyrs, but at least one,

that landed sweetly on some hawkweed, was a plain, or common ringlet (also in the satyr group of butterflies). Apparently, many of the satyrs live in wooded areas, but the little woods prefer open meadows. The whole meadow was just full of these fluttering little critters - not showy at all, but so cheerful!

And here's a pic of some yellow star grass.

(I wanted to put up a link about the hawkweed, but it turns out the name refers to many plants in the genus Hieracium. I'm not sure what I've got here - I grew up calling it indian paintbrush - so I'll leave it at hawkweed, maybe yellow hawkweed. Out in the west - Washington and Idaho - some species are invasive. Many, if not all, are introduced from Europe, as far as I can tell.)

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