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Sunday, June 14, 2009

more birds

Two little bird stories today - both of which happened in the last week. It's been crazy busy here...

So, I've been hearing this lovely song high up in the trees when I walk in the woods behind my house, but had not been able to see the bird for the leaves. But finally I saw it fly, and got a good look with my binocs. It was an eastern wood-pewee. I could tell it was a flycatcher, and by putting together the call and the visual, I was able to ID it. Very satisfying.

And the other little story concerns a European starling. This bird had a large slug, or some such critter in its beak, presumably for the babies. It was hanging around the eaves of the sheep/goat barn, flying up to the roof and down to the fence. I stepped out of the barn and could see a hole, maybe 2" in diameter, under the eave - about where a soffit would be in a house. Once I was away from that area, the starling started to fly toward the hole. It tried to get in a couple of times, but flew away again - I think the slug was a little too cumbersome for maneuvering smoothly. After a few attempts, the bird scooted up into the hole. I'm sure the babies were happy with their lunch.
These birds are interlopers, having come here from Europe many, many years ago - they are sometimes obnoxious, but they can have beautiful feathers, and their beaks change color with the seasons.

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