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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who lives here?

Here are some photos I took on a walk a few days ago. I was intrigued by the moss covered stump, as it made a lovely sculpture all on its own, and the spring weather has greened up the moss to an incredible color. So I'm looking around, marveling at the colors and different textures of what is, essentially, a rotten piece of wood. But it is beautiful!
And then I notice that I am not the only one who likes it. Take a look at the little holes. One has a "doormat" of seed casings, and the other is somewhat obscured by leaves. Looks like a cozy little cottage to me. Wouldn't it be the perfect little place for fairies or elves or gnomes? In reality I'm thinking small rodents - mice, chipmunks, et cetera - but it is easy to imagine something rarer.
Mother Nature has figured out how to make sure that nothing goes to waste.
An interesting book to read, if you are at all interested in what was in the forest before you got there, is Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England by Tom Wessels. He has all sorts of knowledge about how trees grow, and how forests progress. He can walk into a forest and figure out what came before - when it might have been logged, what kind of farming was happening there, and more.

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