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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warming up

Another warm day, with temps close to 60ºF. There is now more bare ground than snow-covered, though the piles along the roads will take some time to diminish. The goldfinches are singing like crazy and our stream is rushing along. The forsythia is swelling. When we got up this morning, my husband noticed one of our birdfeeders knocked off its' wire - I guess the deer have been here again, but the ground is too mucky now for them to leave prints. You know it's been a rough winter when the deer are eating from your birdfeeders.

Since we changed the clocks to daylight saving time last night, we'll have a good long evening today. I suppose we need clocks to coordinate with other humans, but the plants and animals outside seem to do just fine without. I used to fantasize about trying to live without a clock for some time period - the cabin in the woods idea, but have never actually tried it out - maybe someday.

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