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Monday, March 9, 2009

March can't decide if it wants to be a lion or a lamb yet. We've had a little of both.
A redwing blackbird perched in a tree outside my kitchen this morning, looking, to me, a little bothered by the precipitation.
My dogwood buds are getting fat, but nowhere close to popping yet. I hope they wait until frost danger is gone. It is amazing how well the plants do, even when the weather plays tricks.
Well, all this snow/rain/sleet will be good for keeping our stream flowing into the summer, but I may keep my birdfeeders full a little longer. I usually stop around the vernal equinox, but we'll see how warm and green it is then.

Just want to recommend a good book on owls - Owls of the U.S. and Canada, by Wayne Lynch - great photos and good, readable information.

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