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Thursday, December 17, 2009

winter morning

Years ago, before my daughter was born, I was always the one who took the dog for a walk.  We had a different dog then, too.  Then, after the kids were born, it was easier if my husband took the dog, and I dealt with the children.  And that has remained our general pattern, at least on weekdays, ever since.  But yesterday my husband wanted to head out early, but not get up extra early to take the dog, and Wednesday mornings are a little more relaxed because my daughter has a delayed start at school.  SO I got to take the dog at 6am.  These days, I'm almost never outside that early (unless it is to take out the trash or bring in the paper), so it was a real treat to take the dog for a walk.  It was still pretty dark - just getting light in the east - and I could see some of the stars.   Of course it was mostly too early for birds, and too dark to see tracks or other signs, but still exhilarating to be out.  Mostly I sleep late on the days that I can, so I don't get out so early, but maybe I should try it more often - it really is a lovely time to be out, just when most of the world is waking up.

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