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Monday, December 21, 2009


Yesterday, we had our first real snowstorm of the winter.  It started late Saturday night, or maybe very early Sunday, and we woke up to 5" or so of fresh white fluff.  I got to go cross-country skiing three times!  First, I took the dog, then my husband and I went on our town bike path after we dropped our son off to play snow football, and later on I went with my daughter behind our house on the trails there.  All very different adventures - it was still "blizzarding" when I went early, with the dog.  It was that sort of weather where colors disappear into grey and white.  By the time I went with my husband in the early afternoon, it was still snowing, but lightly.  It had stopped snowing by the time my daughter and I headed out, but still looked just beautiful.  We ended up with about a foot of snow, and it is the light, easy-to-shovel kind - I love it.

birdhouse with snow hat


junco tracks

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