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Sunday, December 6, 2009


So we've now had our first real snow of the year.  Those bits back in October don't really count, because it was too early and didn't seem real and didn't stay long.  This is honest, cold, need-to-shovel white stuff.
It was quite cold earlier, but now the sun is up high and temps are in the mid-30's, so clumps of snow are falling.  All this in a bright winter sun - just beautiful.  Here are some pictures I took this morning on two separate walks.

         Sunrise, Moonset

reverse silhouette


barberries in snow

(Japanese barberry is an alien invasive, but these berries look pretty in the snow, don't they?  Winterberry is a native alternative for red winter berries.)

 white pine needles


  1. Gorgeous! Time to catch another shot of the round meadow too!

  2. Love the red berries. Somewhere in my collection I have some individually encased in ice.


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