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Sunday, April 26, 2009

return from away

I was in Atlanta for a few days, where it seems like full summer already. Trees are fully leafed out and temps were in the 90s. Lots happened in my yard while I was gone, sped up by temps in the 80s here.
No photos today, since I just got back, but
>both lilac bushes are on their way to blooming this season
>the dogwood flowers are coming - still green, but soon will fill the yard
>the shadbush buds are bursting
>the maple leaves are starting to pop
>there were three frogs in the pond - a big green, a small probably green, and a wood (not sure why the wood frog was still in the pond - they usually go back to the uplands after mating, so maybe it hadn't finished its business)
>the cowslips have lots of blossoms
>the trillium is about to bloom
>several primroses/primula are blooming
>the fiddleheads are showing on the ferns
>the red baneberry (which I don't remember seeing last year) is up and leafing out
>the vinca minor is in bloom
>the deer have been eating the daylily leaves
>there are no flowerheads on my tulips
>one of my hawthorn seedlings has bigger leaves than the other
>violets are beginning to bloom
>the spicebush flowers smell lovely - a little like lily-of-the-valley, one of my favorite scents
>pachysandra is in bloom
And I wasn't gone long - not even four whole days! I'll see more tomorrow, I'm sure. I wonder if the robins have begun laying eggs in that nest?


  1. The Robins and cardinals at our house have been very bisy alright, and we had just put up our third and fourth houses for wrens and MISSUS WREN started moving in today! To house 4. She lived in 1 and 2 last year. I wonder if they really prefer BRAND new houses? (I know they need a clean house, but new?)

  2. I am in Atlanta and wanting to be out your way and see the Spring arrive all over again!

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Now I am off to browse here some!


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