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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dancing butterflies

Another lovely spring day. Another day of discovery. Today I saw mourning cloak butterflies dancing. I left the path in the woods behind my house to look at some large boulders. I never got to the boulders because I got distracted by the first butterfly. I watched for a while, trying unsuccessfully to get a camera shot, and eventually it was joined by another. The two of them joined in an elegant dance that covered many square feet of forest, and included several sweeps to the tops of the trees and back down to the forest floor. The pair flew in tandem, and I was in awe of their ability, especially as it was rather windy and I don't know how they kept from being dashed into trees, let alone how they stayed together so perfectly. Eventually one of the pair flew off, but what a show they put on!
My other cool sighting for the day was a weasel. I was walking with several co-workers, and not especially quietly, as we came up to a stone wall where one had seen what she thought might have been an escaped ferret. Well - we were treated to a great view of what we think was a long-tailed weasel (but could have been an ermine). Of course none of us had a camera...


  1. a weasel (or ermine!!!)--our mink (or whatever it was) gor run over by a car :(

  2. I love watching these butterflies. A small place where I hike is just full of them. I actually had one crash into the side of my head the other day. It's been fun watching them.


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