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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new nest

The robin nest has been built. There was almost nothing there last night, but by mid-morning there was definitely a nest there - and after this photo was taken she kept working on it. Here's another photo of Mrs. Robin with some nesting material. Apparently Mr. Robin doesn't help much with the housework, but she does a pretty darn good job by herself. We have one nest that came down last fall and sat on the ground all winter - it is still nearly whole.
As an aside, and since I live in Massachusetts, I wanted to point out that it was discovered, or made public anyway, in 2005 that both of the swans in the Public Garden are female. And act as a mated pair.
Back to my own yard - my daughter just spotted two fishers in a tree in our neighbor's yard. One ran over into our yard and disappeared into a tree here. I went out with the camera, but couldn't find it. (It's also raining very hard just now.)
And earlier this morning I noticed that my first cowslip has bloomed. How pretty is that? I transplanted this from a stream out behind my house to the one in the yard.
Lastly, I don't think those yellow blossoms are sassafras. I looked at some confirmed sassafras bushes today, and they do not have yellow blossoms. So I'm stumped for the moment. When the leaves come out, maybe I'll be able to identify it.

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