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Monday, April 13, 2009

more growing things

The weather is still cold, below freezing last night I think, but spring progresses, if slowly. Here are some images from my yard.

lilac buds - These are leaf buds, but I hope to get some flowers this summer. We had a hedge of lilacs where I grew up, and I just love them - so pretty and so fragrant. We had white, dark purple, and lavender. The ones I have now are the lavender variety.
a trillium bud - This is the only one I have (that I know of). It used to grow in front of my neighbor's house, between the street and the sidewalk, and it kept getting mowed down, even when I put rocks and a stake by it. So one year I moved it. You aren't supposed to move wild ones, and even cultivated ones (which this is, I think) are supposed to be hard to move, but this one seems very happy where I put it, and I look for it every spring. Now, in mid-April, here it is.

spicebush buds - I didn't know about this plant at all until several years ago when we put an addition onto our house. We live very near a wetland, and the conservation rules required us to replant an area that needed to be disturbed during construction. We had a list of plants that are native to the area and that we should be sure to restore to the area. Spicebush was on the list, and it turns out it grows like crazy all around here. It is pretty, and it smells nice when you crush the leaves or scratch the bark.

scilla flowers - My grandmother gave me a bunch of these bulbs a few years ago. I planted them in an area that is hard to grow in, hoping they will spread and fill it in. They look so pretty when there is a whole carpet of them. So far, no carpet, but the plants keep growing, so maybe someday...
And the red maples that grow all around here are turning red as the flowers start blooming. I live on a long straight stretch of road (in an area where many road twist and turn) and I love to turn onto my street and see how the trees are changing along the way. There's always something new to see.

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