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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Fall is definitely here now. There was frost in my yard this morning, and we get it late in the season, because we are protected by many, many trees. Busy days these - chipmunks are scurrying around the stone wall, collecting goodies to store up for when the snow buries the ground; I saw a red squirrel with a pine cone almost as long as itself the other day, and it was climbing and jumping from tree to tree, stopping occasionally to pull off a few bracts and eat the seeds hidden inside. The berries seem to be gone from my dogwood tree, and I've seen flocks of birds on grasses and other seed plants. Soon it will be time to get out my feeders and start filling them with the black oil sunflower seeds that bring so many winter birds to my yard. I usually wait until the first snow, or Thanksgiving, whichever comes earlier.

Mouse tunnels in the grass - can you see them?

A cool millipede I found in the yard.

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  1. how about a new shot of the old meadow???? been a few weeks!


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