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Sunday, May 17, 2009

lots of birds...

I have crowds of robins singing around my house, and I got to watch two blue jays collecting twigs for their nest yesterday. I have wrens, red winged blackbirds and phoebes around as well. And cardinals, and hummingbirds. And this morning on my walk I saw what I think was a prarie warbler - a high-pitched, rising note caught my ear, and I was able to find a bright yellow bird with a grayish tail in some bushes nearby. That was after the towhee's song helped me find it. I heard the chipping sparrow, I think, but never saw it. And another bird, maybe an alder flycatcher, was singing "chuk-chi" high up in a tree nearby. I saw that one, but not clearly enough to ID it for sure. I'm hoping that by following up on these songs, I can learn more birds. If I can find them and see them, I am more likely to remember the song and know who sings that tune, next time. Of course, some birds, like the titmouse, have many different notes, calls, songs - vocalizations. So the best I can do is try to track down the song and look at the bird. I'm much more visual than aural. But it sure it fun looking for and at birds.
I saw holly flowers today - the first time I ever noticed them (and I didn't have my camera!). They are tiny little white blossoms; easy to miss, if you don't think to look.


  1. we have a lot of cat birds, do you know them?

  2. meow, meow, meow - love the squawky guys!


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