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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

high energy bird

I spent quite a while watching a carolina wren this afternoon. They are adorable, noisy little birds, that hardly ever stop moving. They will build several nests, and then choose one in which to raise their brood. They are hardly afraid of people at all. We had one pair nest on our front deck one year. Another time I pulled nest material out of our gutter - I didn't want them to decide to use that one and lose the family to a rainstorm. Wrens have incredibly loud voices, which is what got my attention this afternoon. The little guy - could have been a gal... - was flittering all around; up in the trees, down on the ground, checking out a hole in a tree for nesting. I can hear one right now! The coolest thing I watched him do was to hop around on the ground turning over leaves looking for bugs to eat, chattering all the while. He'd pick up leaves bigger than himself, and smack his beak happily if he found something. I haven't found any nests yet this spring, but I'll keep my eye out for any that might be around. We have quite a bit of good habitat for this type of critter.
Also saw a big red-tail hawk land in the sentinel pine behind my house this afternoon.

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  1. OH! Our little wren house had a larger bird trying to get IN today and finally mama wren came along and chased it away! I think it had been trying to get at the babies. Such life and death drama!


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