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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Busy week!  Yesterday it was about 90ºF - a record for Boston, and hot for April definitely.  Today was much more seasonable, and pleasant, at around 60ºF.  Cold front moving in, and one in my head too - I hope both clear out soon!  Ninety is a little warm for my taste, but low 70ºs is pretty pleasant, and good for drying out some of that water that is still hanging around after our March rains.

All sorts of flowers are coming out, and leaves too.  The maple leaves are popping, and the shadbush and spicebush are nearly blooming.  I don't have any pics just now, but will try to get some this weekend - as I write this it is dark out.  The warmth is making the view change every day.  Of course, the lengthening days are important also, but these unusually warm spells make it all happen even sooner.

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