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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I saw a great sight this morning!  Two red-tail hawks flew over my head, up high, and landed, one at a time, on a power line vertical post.  Shortly after that, one of them flew over to the second post of the pair, and the two of them sat there for quite a while.  They seemed to be watching me and my dog, and there were a lot of songbirds around as well, which could have made a nice breakfast.  It was an amazing thing to see, these two great hawks soaring overhead in the bright blue sky...  Eventually one, and then the other, took off and flew over to some nearby trees where I lost sight of them.  I wonder if they have a nest in there?  I didn't have time to go check this morning, but I will definitely keep my eyes open next time I head over in that direction.

Here's a not-too-good phone-camera shot of the two birds.  Can you see them?

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