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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

winter view

This is a scene I saw on my afternoon walk yesterday.  It is a stream that runs into a swampy area where there are lots of red-wing blackbirds in the spring and summer.  Yesterday and today all is pretty monochromatic - that's February in New England.
winter swamp
This photo is from my new phone - not too bad, really.


  1. Lost a lot of snow in the round meadow, eh wot?

  2. btw, I am about as cheerful as ever, which is to say, VERY cheerful during winter, as far as vitamin D goes, but I still get a little tired of this upstate NY grey and gloomy-snowy sh!t :)

  3. Winter in Your place seems to be very simmilara to the Polish one. Watch my name link for example.


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