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Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is the part of winter where we need either a good thaw or a big snowstorm.  Everything is icy and crunchy and getting old.  Sure, the chickadees are calling "spring's here" and the witch hazel is beginning to pop and the light is getting brighter, but it is still windy and chilly and most definitely winter - we need a little excitement!  So I say, give us a couple of days with temps in the 50s, or else a good dumping of snow so we can get in some more skiing.

I did see some frozen footprints on my little bridge this morning, going up the path, but the weren't clear enough for me to determine if they were fisher or raccoon.  It's still nice to know that whoever it is, is around.

And here are some rodent tunnels I saw yesterday.  Of course, they aren't tunnels any more, since the tops have melted off....  And that might be a fisher print off to the left side - I didn't notice it when I was taking the photo (too busy focusing on the tunnels, I guess), and back here at home I can't look for other clues in situ.

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