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Thursday, July 23, 2009

quick birdwatching

I was out doing errands and it didn't make sense to go home before I picked up my son from camp, but then I got there way early. Luckily, there is a wetland across the street from where he is at camp this week, AND I have started keeping a pair of small binocs in my glove compartment. SO I figured I'd check out the scenery since I thought I'd seen a kingfisher as I drove in.
And indeed I had. In about 20 minutes I saw the kingfisher fly around a few times and eat something (a crayfish?), though I missed its dive. I also saw several flickers hanging around one of many dead trees in the area, a blue jay, two crows sitting quietly in another dead tree, several robins and several red-winged blackbirds, and had a catbird scold me from a nearby shrub. In addition, I heard bullfrogs and saw a couple of (song?) sparrows. Not a bad way to spend time!
Here's a picture of the area.

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