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Thursday, February 24, 2011

still winter, but...

Yes, it is still definitely winter here, though tonight's predicted precipitation should be rain.  There is still a good foot of snow on the ground, which is down from the three feet we had a few weeks ago, and the only bare ground around is where the snow has been cleared by shovel or plow.  I haven't even seen places where wild critter have cleared through - just a few squirrel tunnels.
 Here you can see the depth of the snow along a stream bank - we've still got some melting coming, and I'm sure we'll see plenty of rushing brooks come warm weather.

The oak leaves have mostly come down now, but beech leaves are still hanging on. 
Here are some oak leaves caught in the path after they blew down.

But spring is definitely on the way.  We've had some lovely days and the sunlight is stronger, and lasting longer, each day.  And here is the spring witch hazel (hamamelis vernalis) beginning to bloom.

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