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Sunday, February 13, 2011

lots of snow

We've had so much snow here that I haven't been getting out as much as I'd like - unless you count shoveling.  I have had lots of birds at the feeds though, including a Hairy Woodpecker today.  I haven't seen one of those for quite a while, so I'm glad to know that they haven't abandoned our neighborhood.  Apparently we've had nearly 6 feet of snow so far this winter - there's still about 2 feet on the ground, not counting the piles where it's been shoveled or plowed.  I'm hoping that some predicted warm weather this coming week will melt it a little.  I love winter, but now it's just crunchy and hard to drive around.  We could lose a foot or so, and then get a fresh 4" on top - that would be great!

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