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Saturday, January 9, 2010


We have lots, and I mean LOTS, of dark-eyed juncos around our place.  The form of Junco hyemalis that hangs out in our region is the slate-colored.  I just learned today that juncos are sparrows.  I guess I never really thought about it before - they are one of those birds that I don't ever remember not knowing.  They hop around on the ground below our feeders, picking up bits of seed that have fallen.  I rarely see them on the feeder perches.  They are quiet little birds, without the particularly distinctive call of a chickadee or a nuthatch, and without the bright plumage of a cardinal or a blue jay.  I'm always reminded that winter is coming when I start seeing them foraging around our yard in the fall.

As seed-eaters, they are naturally interested in pine cones, and with a light dusting of snow, they make the most adorable little footprints.  Here is a story of a junco - or maybe more than one - and a snack.

the beginning

the middle

the end

an overview

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