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Thursday, September 10, 2009

the past is with us still

In these images you can, if you look closely, see the marks of the old road that used to run where now there is just a narrow trail. This is one of many reminders that I am hardly the first human to travel this area, though I can frequently do a whole loop back there and see nobody else on two legs with no feathers. (This day I did see a runner.) I wonder if the dog can smell more of what has gone on?

This was a cool yellow jacket nest - it was in a depression in the ground near where a tree trunk had just fallen recently. I'm not sure if the depression was from something falling, or from something that got torn out when the big one fell over. The yellow jackets were clearly busy working on this hive. Unfortunately, the dog didn't heed my warning, and he got stung on the nose, poor guy! We moved on quickly after that.

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