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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Oh my - I got a treat today - a pileated woodpecker on a tree in my neighbor's yard, and then in my yard a little later on.  First I heard it, and then found it - they aren't too hard to find if you know they are around since they are so big and make pretty distinctive noises.  I suppose they are so cool because I don't see them very often.  My neighbor mentioned seeing one a week or so ago - I wonder if this was the same one? 

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  1. OH YES! We love seeing various woodpeckers here, little downys and big sapsuckers :) I still adore the wee red squirel up top. When we lived in New Hampshire for so many years, there was one who would always come up to the window and watch me work and I named him Georgie, and his pal Sarah :)


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