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Monday, August 31, 2009


This afternoon is beautiful and cool and sunny - perfect late summer. There is a great feel of contentedness out there, as dragonflies zoom around hunting, and fluffy seedheads like thistle float in the clear air. "We've done our work," they seem to say, having laid their eggs or made their seeds. The leaves on the trees are full and dark green, soaking up what sun they can before chilly weather and shorter days slow down their photosynthetics. But this is not sad, for it is the continuation of a process, and annual cycle that has gone on for eons, and barring human foolishness will continue to do so for a good long time into the future.
I've always been an optimist, and I choose to believe that we can fix the mess we've made of the earth, and also that the earth is stronger, and will more easily heal, than many out there seem to think. We've made a lot of mistakes, sure, but out of ignorance, not maliciousness. Now that we know better, we can do better. Humans are only a small part of the earth, let alone the universe, and there is something much greater, in every sense of the word, out there. Every generation has done what it thought best, and we keep on living. Something must be going right.

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